About BuildAR, LLC

BuildAR, LLC began it's life in November of 2015. The need had arisen to have a store that was dedicated to manufacturing, stocking, and selling a very broad line of products specific to the AR platform.

Locally, the choice of aftermarket variety for these rifles was very minimal and pricing was very disappointing. We aim to bring all of the pieces to assemble an AR to our average consumer in store. We want you to hold, feel, and even test a specific part on your very own rifle.

Whether it be the small pins, detents, or springs that everyone seems to lose in their carpet, or keeping a wide range of collapsible buttstocks, or forends to fit your need for your specific rifle, we try to carry it all.

Whether you use it for 3-gun Competition, Long Range skill shooting, or just general outdoor fun, we want to make sure we carry each and every part that you may want or need to add or replace on your rifle.

We want to make the Modern Sporting Rifle available to each and every American who enjoys a good day on the range, or an early moning rise waiting for the perfect shot, and everything in between.

We strive to provide the best customer service for our customers. We know customer service is a very important piece to running a business, whether it be online, or in store. We are always a call or email away to provide you with any answer to your questions or concerns with our product line, pricing, and availability. We also have plenty of experience with our own personal Modern Sporting Rifles, so feel free to ask questions.


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